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What is KaizenTherapy℠

Kaizen is a Japanese term that translates to “change for the better” and is sometimes paraphrased as continuous improvement. You may have heard of the term KAIZEN™ methodology as it pertains to business model. In fact, KAIZEN™ according to their developer introduced their model for business manufacturing according to their website to the world over three decades ago. 

Their founders claim: "Today, with more than 50 companies operating in over 50+ countries, Kaizen Institute and their team of highly trained and sought after professionals work to advance the continuous improvement body of knowledge worldwide. They research, develop, and publish various aspects of continuous improvement, while partnering with clients and enabling them to implement sustainable improvements through our consulting, training and benchmarking activities, while guiding them on their KAIZEN™ journey"

So what is KaizenTherapy℠ and how was it developed?


KaizenTherapy℠ was co-developed in 2000 by Kimberly Cravotta-Purvis, MS, LMFT and her brother James Cravotta,MBA, when discussing the similarities to the KAIZEN™ manufacturing process and how it could be implemented in psychotherapy treatment goals. The two diligently  worked together to formulate an individualize treatment program was developed they now call the KaizenTherapy℠ Protocol" which outlines and individualized treatment plan and goals that utilize small incremental changes leading to the achievement of impacting a person's overall mental, physical and emotional health over time. This is a 'HOLISTIC' approach took many years to develop and has proven extremely effective in Psychotherapy because it not incorporates Cognitive and Behavioral aspects used in well know treatment theories, it incorporates all aspects of a persons life, moment by moment. 


Kimberly and James first began developing and implementing "KaizenTherapy℠ Protocol" nearly two decades ago while going through graduate school together. They embarked on a long journey which lead to the creation of KaizenTherapy℠ theory

"The idea Kimberly Cravotta-Purvis states, came to my brother James and I, while discussing a manufacturing model the he learned in business school. I  thought to myself, this would really be a great platform for organizing a psychological theory whereby implementing KAIZEN™"s basic principles and creating an individualized treatment plan using small incremental changes as the goals of therapy over time which the now call the  KaizenTherapy℠ Protocol"

except taken from " KaizenTherapy℠ "             Copyright 2000

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